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The Challenge of Chronic Pain Featured

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Chronic pain is a major health care challenge. Approximately 20% of the world’s population has an on-going pain problem, many of whom are poorly served with currently available treatment modalities. Because pain affects the elderly disproportionally, it is becoming an increasingly important and expensive problem in our aging population. The growing use of neurotoxic drugs to treat cancer and infectious diseases, and the recognition of sexual dimorphism in both pain mechanisms and the clinical presentation of pain syndromes further emphasize the need to better understand the underlying mechanisms of acute and chronic pain, so that improved therapies can be offered to patients.

The second Challenge of Chronic Pain conference will discuss recent discoveries and current challenges in pain research, with a focus on translating basic research insights into new therapies. Advances in our understanding of peripheral and central pain mechanisms, pathways and processes will be highlighted. We will explore the clinical landscape of chronic pain and pain syndromes, the innovative approaches in target validation in animal and human studies, and their translation into novel therapeutic interventions.

This meeting is aimed at scientists, clinicians, and those working in industry or on translational research, interested in understanding chronic pain and improving the process from mechanism to therapy.



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Dr. Mariyet Zahedi Nik

I completed studies in two universities with two different majors at the same time(commercial management and software engineering). Then turned to my great love, medicine, by studying social working and nursing in Iran. After that I  immigrated to Austria and studied medical Informatics and Pharmacy in German in Vienna University .In 2011 and 2012 I was awarded as an Outstanding Student from” The students living abroad.” Due to some problems I had to stay and live in Iran for some years.  Having been here in Tehran only 3years, I am now finishing my education in Pharmacy in Shahidbeheshti University.