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STARTEN Eine einfache, aber wertvolle Erfahrung

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There is no difference between the races , sexes and generations!!! When the sun of humanity rises in the sky of your body, you could not see weak stars like proud and egotism and this naturally phenomenon rushing out of us and nurturing in us from young stage.
This miracle has happened to me at the same moment when I lonely talked to God . We all know that the Lord is a Master of helping people , he always helps in the most critical circumstances and exists where he should be.
After fulfilling my wishes and achieving this high-ranking ,it is the time to appreciate the grace of God .
From the first moment we washed our hands from everything but God!
we supposed to start and move without any claim expectation and fanfare . All we needed was a group. In fact, we were not able to do all great things a lone. we all were the same form of Uniform to be one indicator. We forget our titles ,adjectives and degrees ... we get started from outskirts of Tehran to some places which we did not imagine that they exist at all!!
When we arrived, it made us feel that there was not Earth, we talked with heavenly angels. You May not believe the playing with a child was so much fun!
It may be difficult to believe that watching the smile of the mother who enjoys the laughing of her child has much worth to all those objects which are worry and postpones or we spending time on them, ....
Nursing home was the most enjoyable experience, where the eyes are waiting for a visit and perhaps a simple gap .There was a place where you may just have a simple smile and a pair of ear to hear.
My heart ached when watching such great talents and unique baby boys and girls in these remote areas.
The Goals are always available for hardworking people, but what about beautiful smile and this beautiful opportunity?
It is certainly simple to make smile, create smile, live, give life ,it is actually not hard !! what we give to others, we give to ourselves ,what we withhold from others, we withhold from ourselves.
In this part of Nanosalamat website, I as a member of medicine family try to share my experiences and really appreciate for memories and experiences of you . You can contact and communicate with me with the contact form or my Email address: Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!

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Dr. Mariyet Zahedi Nik

I completed studies in two universities with two different majors at the same time(commercial management and software engineering). Then turned to my great love, medicine, by studying social working and nursing in Iran. After that I  immigrated to Austria and studied medical Informatics and Pharmacy in German in Vienna University .In 2011 and 2012 I was awarded as an Outstanding Student from” The students living abroad.” Due to some problems I had to stay and live in Iran for some years.  Having been here in Tehran only 3years, I am now finishing my education in Pharmacy in Shahidbeheshti University.