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Risk factors for primary hypertension

Age – particularly SBP


●Family history – about twice as common in subjects who have one or two hypertensive parents

●Race –more common, be more severe, occur earlier in life, and with greater target-organ damage in blacks

●Reduced nephron number –may be related to genetic factors, intrauterine developmental disturbance (eg, hypoxia, drugs, nutritional deficiency), premature birth, and postnatal environment (eg, malnutrition, infections)

Major Causes of Secondary Hypertension

• OCPs, (higher doses of estrogen)

• NSAIDs, (chronic use)

• Antidepressants, (TCAs and SSRIs)

• CSs

• Decongestants, such as pseudoephedrine

•Weight loss medications: Anorexiants, Appetite suppressants (including ephedra, caffeine, Mahuang).

• Erythropoietin

• Cyclosporin

• Stimulants, including methylphenidate and amphetamines

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Dr. Mariyet Zahedi Nik

I completed studies in two universities with two different majors at the same time(commercial management and software engineering). Then turned to my great love, medicine, by studying social working and nursing in Iran. After that I  immigrated to Austria and studied medical Informatics and Pharmacy in German in Vienna University .In 2011 and 2012 I was awarded as an Outstanding Student from” The students living abroad.” Due to some problems I had to stay and live in Iran for some years.  Having been here in Tehran only 3years, I am now finishing my education in Pharmacy in Shahidbeheshti University.

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